Only Geology Lasts


The installation is reusing more than 15.000 expire plastic water bottles to create a dystopic landscape to walk through. It represents a reflection on a possible future in which the environment as we know will have changed entirely and we will have to make our way through plastic geographies and salt crystals lakes.

Only Geology Lasts aims to imagine potential effects of climate change, is an undefined landscape that can recall either the melting polar ice or a dry area of the globe, such as Kuwait and Spain, resulting in a waterless Salt Lake. These two scenarios shed light on the interconnection of both problems and solutions which represent global environmental challenges.

Only Geology Lasts also tackles two of the Sustainable Development Goals, nº12: Responsible consumption and production and nº13 Climate Action. In this direction, the installation reflects on climate change and the role we all play within it. Considering today’s production and consumption as global phenomena, where everything is necessary related, Only Geology Lasts encourages alternatives to traditional ways of consuming.