Installation in the Anciennes Abattoires of Casablanca

In Love We Trash / Installation
Casablanca, Morocco
Plastic bags.
Basurama participated in the urban arts festival ” Zancat ” in Casablanca ( Morocco) with a workshop – installation in the Anciennes Abattoires , former slaughterhouse turned into a cultural space and managed by the Association Casamémoire .

The starting material of the workshop was one of the most abundant waste in the city: plastic bags. The plastic bag is the consumption symbol par excellence, a model and a paradigm metaphor of it. Plastic bags have an average usage time of 12 to 20 minutes , however , can take between 15 to 1000 years to be degraded .

Les Anciennes Abattoires are currently in a state of semi-abandonment , although from Casamémoire are working on their recovery. Our goal was to perform a spatial intervention in one of the spaces of Les Abattoirs through various techniques of recovery and reuse plastic bags .

The first day we worked with schools in the area , separating the color bags , exercising creativity to make clothing, as well as various resistance exercises to form strings , which eventually would be used in the construction of swings.

We start from the idea of ​​re- inhabiting a symbolic and historical space,  give it other possibilities while reusing everyday waste to transform it . This was a double period of redefinition , a dialectic that makes us wonder how we relate to the space we use and how we relate to each .

An inflatable heart and lung.