Consumption Linee _ a tribute to Piero Manzoni

Exhibition / Installation
Herning, Denmark

Consumption Linee _a tribute to Piero Manzoni is the site specific art piece that we have created for the Socle du Monde Art Festival which concpet has been developed by Tijs Visser at HEART Museum in Herning, Denmark.

Curated by Simon Njami

Without solution of continuity, a Line, wrote Manzoni, “does not measure metres . . but is zero, not zero as an end, but as the beginning of an infinite series”.

Lines of Infinite length do not measure time or distance, but represent endless duration and limitless extension. If there is anything today that we can define as infinite, it would be the trash generated by human beings. Consumption Linee aims to symbolise this infinite, continuous and unbridled consumption in which we find ourselves.  The recovery and reuse of the polystyrene (flamingo in Danish) that, generally, protects the most precious goods during their transport, is the starting point of a work that reflects on global supply chains, but also on daily acts of consumption and the links that are established between them.

We are part of the *DO IT! Upcycle* together with other artist such as Sui Park, Jean Tinguely and Arman, Cesar, Christo, Daniel Spoerri, Francois Dufrene, Gérard Deschamps, Jacques Villeglé, Martial Raysse, Niki de Saint Phalle, Raimond Hains, Yves Klein, Marcel Duchamp.