It's all yours Gulbenkian

Lisboa, Portugal

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We are what we throw away! Our trash defines us, it is the shadow of what we are, part of our memory.

During  three months the Gulbenkian Foundation and Museum have carefully collected all inorganic waste produced, both by its employees and visitors. From the tips of the pencils, to bottle caps, to obsolete brochures or to all the little holes drilled on the paper sheets. A trash catalog of what’s making, doing and living left behind.

With all that waste we made an art installation in the main entrance of the Gulbenkian Museum, it was ordered by colors, textures … shaping a new landscape. A landscape that coexisted with the garden on the other side of the glass, and in which visitors are immersed. Visitors will walk trough all this ​​small treasures, looking, searching and selecting pieces. All those object will be converted into unique souvenirs, and exclusive piece for each visitor.