The TreeTrash. "Christmas by pedaling"

Madrid, Spain
Cardboard boxes.

A cardboard mountain with the shaped of a Christmas tree, which objective is to visualize overconsumption. The tree was illuminated by pedaling in several bikes of CiclaLab.

The TreeTrash was exhibited from 22 December 2015 to 4 January 2016 in Madrid City Council.

In Madrid tons of cardboard are discarded daily. The streets of the city, especially the most commercial areas, are filled with cardboard every day when stores closed. Cardboard is the maximum symbol of consumption. Almost every imaginable material: toys, clothes, household and electrical appliances… are transported in cardboard boxes from all over the world.

One of these giant cardboard accumulations became the Christmas tree of Madrid City Council in 2015. An icon of consumption built with the remains of consumption. We built the tree during 3 days with the cardboard collected after a Trash Safari in the streets of the city. The tree dimensions were over 9 meters high and 5 meters in his base. The construction was made together with volunteers during an open to participation workshop.

In the following video you can see the collection and construction process .

Instalación realizada en el marco de “Navidad a pedales“. Proyecto ideado por CiclaLab. Un icono navideño iluminado con tu energía.