Gatos Playground in Rio de Janeiro

Installation / Self-
Sao Paulo, Brasil
Metal barrels.

When we take off our feet from the floor, extraordinary things happen. When we get out from this ground we are used to stay, we also get out from our confort space and we notice thing we usually don´t notice. We open the dors and windows of learning.

This is the aim of ‘Gatos’, an installation criated by brazilian office of Basurama with discarded metal oil barrels which transforms the courtyard of Rio de Janeiro´s Casa Daros into a playground for children under 99 years old.
In this square, children and adults can interact with the materials and the spaces, which show the creative possibilities of ‘waste’. To build this installation, were used more than 200 discarded oil barrels and an outdoor from a previous artwork by argentinian artist Fabian Marcaccio. The spaces can be freely interpretated and manipulated, entered, climbed, layed and so on.