Any plastic lasts longer that eternal love

In Love We Trash / Installation
Gdansk, Poland
Plastic. Plastic bags.

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Any plastic lasts longer that eternal love, in every tale we should be able to make desires: turn pumpkins into carriages or stones in strawberry and cream tarts … or turn discarded plastics in glass castle to play in.

IN LO<3 WE TRASH is an artistic project to make the duality Consumption / Waste and its social and environmental impact visible. The objective is to raise awareness of waste production and provide a better understanding of waste as a resource. We believe that making what is hidden or ignored visible is essential and a first step for social consciousness.

In the case of In Lo <3 We Trash Gdansk the origin of the material used was double, from one side plastic coming from the previous exhibition that was held at Amberexpo; plastic used for covering carpets, stands and other equipment …. kilos of already packed plastic for its transport to the landfill. On the other hand, plastics and shopping bags coming directly from the landfill Szadolki.

We stayed as artist on residence at Łaźnia 2 center for arts and education located in Nowy Port. We have worked in their installations together with volunteers and college students. During the first week we focus on designing, patterning, cutting and pasting the infinite plastics that compose the inflatable. Abstraction, the sound of  tape being cut and precision dominate the workshops, but also creativity and imagination.


Once all the pieces that formed the glass castle were finished, we have moved to Amberexpo, exhibition center where the Festival Re:Miasto (Re-City) was hold. Re:Miasto Festival aim was to face new waste management system models in Poland and to emphasize the need to reduce waste production on our consumer society. The Festival was structure as cities are, with streets, playgrounds …etc we got 150m2 for our intervention, that would pool reuse, creativity and art, but integrated in the city urban structure.


We worked in designing and creating a playful space, a space of possibilities, with corners to be and spaces for sharing. We built an inflatable Glass Castle, a space within the city, which is related to it through this fragile plastic, but at the same time distancing us from it thanks to its transparent membrane. Getting into a parallel world where we are the main actors and in which space is designed and used according to our desires …. because every city needs a place where wishes could be reached, where dreams turn into reality.