Cardboard Wild Dreams 2015

Madrid, Spain

During 2015 we have been developing an important creative line of work based on reused cardboard. We carry out several workshops, covering both formative and experimental aspects, with this waste material. The cardboard used in these workshops was harvested from Trash Safaris around the city, gathering the material from the main commercial streets. Cardboard is one of the cheapest materials but also one with the most creative possibilities. Available in excess as it is and available to everyone, we are often not aware of their full potential. Furthermore, cardboard could be defined as a symbol of consumption in modern society, where almost all the goods we buy are transport around the word in boxes made out of this material. Working and experimenting with cardboard allow us to be aware of the big picture, making us face the production system.

Spanish National Library. Cardboard Wild Dreams and Cardboard Challenge workshops.

During Cardboard Challenge the objective was to work over formal and structural experimentation with the cardboard discarded by the National Library. On the other hand, Cardboard Wild Dreams, took place during the weekend (on 14th and 15th May), is an open invitation to play and experiment freely with the cardboard in the National Library garden.

Open Studio Madrid. Cardboard workshop for children.

During the weekend of the 2nd to 4th of October 2015, Basurama´s headquarter, La Nave, was open for the OpenStudio visitors, and we took those open house days to hold a cardboard workshop for children. Fantasy, imagination and creativity together with the endless possibilities of cardboard produced beautiful costumes, sets and devices. Real fun!

Nebrija University Workshop. Cardboard Assembly

Along with students of the College of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture of the Nebrija University, we were researching the possibilities, designing and creating different volumes with reused cardboard. We worked with notions of descriptive geometry mixing them with cardboard capacities.

Tangram workshop in CaixaForum Zaragoza

This was a workshop to train trainers. From the popular puzzle “tangram” we explored different scales and dimensions in a way to reuse the cardboard left over from Christmas gifts into new toys. During the workshops that were held at CaixaForum in Zaragoza during Christmas 2015, the participants built their own “tangram”.