Plastic Surrealims - LIGHT

Installation / Workshop
Córdoba, Spain
Plastic. Plastic bags.

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“Living in plastic bags”. Overconsumption, waste and desire.
Creativity workshop “Plastic Surrealism” in Antonio Gala Foundation, Córdoba.
21 – 22 February, 2014.

Workshop of thought and action carried out with the young residents of Antonio Gala Foundation in Córdoba. With writers, artists, visual artists and musicians. Braking their creative routine to get into the mundane materiality of plastic. Collective process of experimentation to intervene our bodies and our spaces.

LIGHT, final intervention. Habitable letters in the patio of the Palacio de Viana.
In each habitable letter was an action happening. In the letter L (poetry), you could be written a poem. In the letter U (music), you could listen to music from previously recorded plastic sounds. In the letter Z (drawing), you could write or draw on it.