Vertical garden in a School

Madrid, Spain
Plastic botles. Plastic boxes.

We were at Lourdes School working with some of their students for the collective construction of a vertical garden and orchar. We built it  from packaging materials such as plastic boxes and plastic bottles.

The objective was to build the vertical garden as a prototype, so the students could work and study it during the academic year. The vertical garden was placed in an area of the school to serve as an educational area . This intervention allowed the students to strat thinking on production processes and to be aware of the requirements (in a small scale) needed. On the other hand they will also be concious of their own potential to built, grow and take care of a garden.

The construction was simple, using packaging materials that the students had been collecting themselves some weeks before. Mainly fruit boxes, plastic bottles and rope.The tools used were simple and accesible to everyone: punches, cutters and a drill.
As the seedbeds were already prepared, after construction they just planted, wateres and picked the fruits.


The intervention was based on a reference of Rosenbaum Studio.