"RELAT DE BELLES COSES FALSES" (A tale of nice fake things)

6000km / Exhibition
Barcelona, Spain
2013 - 2014

After its display in  Lo Pati Centre in Amposta “Relat de Belles Coses Falses” was re-opened in Arts Santa Monica Barcelona from 15th October 2014 to 25th January 2015.

Participants of the exhibition:

  • Verdolatría: Carlos Aires, Josep Berga i Boix, Joaquim Mir, Mariona Moncunill and Rasmus Nilausen.
  • Appalling Regions: Javier Basiana, Jaume Orpinell, Basurama, Julia Montilla, Xavier Ribas and Joaquim Vayreda.
  • The garden: Pau Faus, Palle Nielsen, Enrique Jorge Ribalta Radigales and promised lands: Miquel Barceló, Patrícia Dauder, Jaume Mercader and Txema Salvans.
  • The Skin: Rosa Amoros, Fina Miralles Francesc Ruiz, Francesc Català-Roca, Angels Ribé and Alberto Schommer.
  • Towards new landscapes: Joan Fontcuberta, Albert Gusi, Perejaume, Frederic Perers and Job Ramos.

No place is a landscape if prior art has not noticed it and fixed in the form of artistic representation. This is the idea behind Relat de Belles Coses Falses, an exhibition of landscapes through thirty works of diverse languages ​​and  backgrounds. The exhibition travels and offers different ways to create the landscape.

Curated by Albert Martínez López-Amor and Blai Mesa Rosés