Exhibition / Research

TrashLation is an artistic project produced in conjunction with ART­EX program. The purpose of the program is to research and reflect about the concept of consumption-identity and waste.

The purpose of this project is to visualize at world level, how much waste each and every one of us produce regardless our social class, country of origin or age; to be able to display in images how local and global are closely related; to produce talks about consumption and waste; to see others through what generally remains hidden, their rubbish.

These following countries take part in Trashlation: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Hungary, India, Japan, Morocco, Mexico, Norwey, Philiphines, Southafrica, Spain and Sweden.

When researching on the relation consumption-identity both, evidences and topics raise up, but we also discover surprising correlations among global trash and people. Trashlation follows the trail of concepts and meanings related to consumption and need, consumption and desire, consumption as memory, citizens as consumers, differences between consumption and consumerism…far from being a sociology or survey pretension, it nourishes from the global and collective imaginary and the trash of people, therefore their intimacy taking part in the project.

Trashlation does not pretend to compare occidental excessive/acceptable consumption with the increasing consumption of south countries. Trashlation displays how each participant plunges into their own inorganic trash and select what they believe that represents them better: their life style, their social status, their “taste” as social distinction, their whims, secrets and vices. The truth is that we all make use of a sort of filter when choosing not what really shows who we are but what we want people to identify us with. When choosing our trash we are making a self-portrait of consumption-identity, we show our ”b side”, the most public and at the same time intimate side of ourselves.

 In this tension we situate Trashlation, generating a landscape of our daily life.

 If you want to be part of the project, just send us your portrait and a picture of the waste you produced during the last 24h following this instructions.



 You can check the TrashLation exhibition cataloge.
// June-July 2016. La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. Manila, Philippines.
// February-March 2016. Centro Centro. Madrid, Spain.
// September-October 2015. Melbourne University, Australia.

 The exhibition was divided into 3 parts:

CONSUMPTION AND IDENTITY (we are what we throw away) collecting the participants diptychs.
CONSUMPTION AND MEMORY, vacuum zip bags with selected trash of participants from all countries.
GLOBAL CONSUMPTION, UNIVERSAL CITIZEN an edited video morphing photos received.