USW Santo Domingo: Trash Tsunami

Urban Solid Waste in Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic, February 2009.

What will happen if a giant rubbish wave invades the malecon? Probably, it will be impossible not to notice it, and probably everyone should do something to deal with it. This is the starting point of the project and the objective was to cover the malecon in its full extension with a wave formed with PET plastic previously recollected from Santo Domingo garbage dump.


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16 to 20 February 2009. Production of the installation at the Cultural Center of Spain in Santo Domingo.
21 to 22 February 2009. Tsunami trash on the Malecon of Santo Domingo at the Avenida Máximo Gómez.
February 22, 2009, 5pm. Participatory Action Shake It!.
February 26, 2009. Opening of the exhibition at the Cultural Center of Spain in Santo Domingo.
Concerts and projections of RUS.

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