Navidad en RE ( RE Christmas)

Madrid Zaragoza Barcelona
Furniture. Plastic bags. Plastic botles.

Navidad en RE (RE Christmas) are three ephemeral art installations set in the CaixaForum facades of Barcelona, Madrid and Zaragoza. The installations are made with the trash produced  by citizens and instutitions that have collaborated by giving away their waste.

The main objective is to focus on the waste generated during Christmas. In Madrid, reflecting on daily consume using plastic bags. In Zaragoza, about housing using furniture and in Barcelona, about tourism using plastic bottles.


In Madrid the installation is a double facade, of irregular shapes like diamonds, that create a mosaic of colours and shapes, that reminds us of those Christmas lanterns that announce the warmth of these dates. More than 3.000 plastic bags were used in CaixaForum Madrid, plastic bag being the symbol of daily consume.


In Barcelona a cloud of 6,000 plastic bottles overlap the main facade of the building, the night lights enhance the snowfall feeling. we used the ones donated by the public that visits the cultural facilities, together with bottles from Madrid y Barcelona cafes, apart from other donated by the businesses of other cities, that will hang from 75 garlands. At night, all together will be lighted on, creating a snowy-like effect that will cover the yard.


In Zaragoza, the protagonists are 350 pieces of furniture, originating from the local goverment collecting service. The pieces, clim the wall from the bottom to 30 meters high in vine-like fasion. Previously they´ve been revised, painted, strengthtened and they are supported by a modular structure. The “invasion” of the furniture spreads over the ground creating an authentic furniture map.Furniture as a symbol of housing consume, of how design and decorations have been also become a fashion product that can be consume and throwaway.


Click here to see more photos about the construction process.


Moreover, RE Christmas includes two different workshops, “You are what you throw away” and “Mutant Trash”, adressed to schools and families. These workshops have taken place in 7 CaixaForum Centers around Spain. The aim of the workshops is reflecting about production, consumption and trash and making children aware that consumption goes further than just buying and that trash could be a creative tool.