AUTOCOLE IDEO 2 #imagininganOrchard #buildingaYARD


Second collaboration stage with Escuela Ideo. “Improving the orchard of Escuela Ideo”. March 2016.
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As part of Basurama line of work “Autocoles”, that tackles transformation proccesses in school´s yards.  -and the informal education that comes with it-, several construction workshops about setting up the orchard of the school took place. Reutilized wood supplied by the school was used.

We designed a modular, vertical garden, with pieces from benches, shelves and cachepots. Primary school students, using many woodwork tools. We also used the orchard´s fence as a “canvas”, to create and generate designs of the vegetables to be planted.

Finally we built a group bench for the yard, using old palets and foam spare from classes