Autobarrios / Self Made Neighborhoods



Autobarrios – Self-made-neighborhoods- helps to create an iniciative for urban community development: it uses the collective construction of an urban imaginaire as a tool for empowering the community as a creative body.

Throughout creative practices, the enhancement of local resources and networking, strategies to practice more neighbours are created.



The project reflects on the scale of the neighborhood and the current state of its essence, which, we understand, is based on relationships, daily life and identity and the common spaces that contain them.

Autobarrios is a contextual tool designed to grow in different neighborhoods taking into account their own particularities. It relies on outreach work and creative practices stimulates our collective imagination, our autonomy and our ability to deal with our daily networks and the surrounding environment ¡Reinvent your neighborhood!



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> Applied Creativity

The project believes in applied creativity as a great tool for community development. The goal is not only to build something useful but activate the creative potential and catapult the imagination of the participants as citizens, builders and users.

> Revaluation of local resources

The project helps to create a network of people and resources that shape this initiative working together with their existing projects, becoming an excuse for strengthening them.

> Networking

Autobarrios is an example of city building shared between different professional areas and citizens. In this sense, one of the key project is coordinating a networking between all possible actors that can, from different areas, enrich and enable the smooth running of the project.

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Autobarrios SanCristobal
in process from January 2012.