Bottel-book “Basura”

Resignification of the book “Basura” of Ben Cark, published by Delirio editorial.
Intervention about a book in order to generate another book. It joins the the deposit of  “Intervened books” of Ana María Matute district library in Valdemoro. The call is open for diverse artists. Here we present the other intervened books.

“Waste”. A poetry book converted into messages inside bottles. Poems for the castaways in the era of internet and virtual navigation. We decided to divide the book by its parts, to stop in each of its pages, the parts that constitute it, to stop in each of its words.

To stop. To read. Random poems, in neat disarray. .In contrast  to the immediacy oftuitter, of the e-mail or the whatsapp, we suggest the indefinite time of the message in a bottle. No hurry or an specific destination: navigating between the shelves of a public library.


Caixa de Som (Music Box)

São Paulo 2013

Mexico D.F. 2014

Madrid 2014


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Caixa de Som is a public interactive installation for playing with the city street sounds.

Caixa de Som is a musical instrument for children under 99 years old, created to ease people interaction and interaction with the public space.

With Caixa de Som you can make music with street vendor chants and other sounds of the urban imaginary.

You don´t need previous music knowledge. Just select a base and play with the infinite possibilities!

Caixa de Som is also a project for documenting urban sound landscapes with -at the moment- sounds from Brasil, Mexico, Spain and Italy.


Sao Paolo


Mexico D.F.


Madrid, Spain


Feira MADE Pop Up. Shopping Cidade Jardim. Sao Paolo

Clavellian Toaster

Hacked Toaster with different “clavelian”* motives  that are roasted -as an estampita- on bread.

The Clavellian toaster is a piece made for the exhibition AUTOMENAJE (word made up by Auto=self-tribute and Menaje=household) curated by Paco Clavel in Valdepeñas, his hometown, for the summer of 2012.





* from carnation (the surname of the curator)

Scooter Santa Cruz

Basurama participated in the exhibition EXPO CRUZ curated by Paco Clavel in the traditional celebration of the “Cruces de Mayo” in Pastrana (Guadalajara).

Basurama intervened one of the wooden crosses that were distributed to the 10 artists taking part in the exhibition.

We try to make the cross usefull, to give it another propouse. We chose to add skateboard wheels Skotperez found the other day in the trash. So now we have the cross with wheels and sandpaper on one side and table mini-skateboard in the other.

The opening was on the 30th April at Palacio Ducal de Pastrana.

Artist Involved:


This year is the one

In Spain, some companies give ham to their clients for Christmas. We can only give them the bone.
In order to celebrate a most special 2015, we sent some ham bones to a few friends.
We’ll get out of the crisis in 2015, and then we will be able to afford the bones, that are still delicious and the base for some of our favorite dishes.
Download the recipe book (only in spanish) from here
Enjoy it!


a Dress for Lady Gaga

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The idea was born after loading Raquel’s car with thousands of earphones assigned by Renfe (Spanish Railway Company) to carry out a reuse workshop coordinated by basurama and entupunto.

We were astonished when we realized that the amount of earphones we got was only collected on a single day and was only corresponding with one train route. How many not reusable headphones end up in the trash daily?

The workshop never took place, but during the experimentation with the earphones and the workshop design, searching for references… Lady Gaga as an icon for new attires…#adressforladygaga.

Our goal was Lady Gaga to get the dress. After a social media campaign (mainly through twitter @VestidoLadyGaga) we finally get close enough. The dress have been sent to Brandon Maxwell (Lady Gaga stylist) … will Lady Gaga wear it?

All the earphones used to weave the dress are single-use, non-recyclable and almost never reused. Their usable time does not exceed three hours (the time it takes for the route Madrid to Barcelona by train). The price of each earphone in the market is between 0.1 and 0.3 USD. The enterprises that manufacture them have the ability to supply 1 million earphones a month and the shipping time is of only 15 days to anywhere in the world.

For knitting the dress we used 235 earphones, each of which measures extended 2.15 m, which means that the ball of headphones used measured 535.8 meters. The result is a dress of 78 cm long, 45 cm hip, that weighs 2,720 kg and that corresponds to a size 36-38.

The dress it is not only a dress, but a musical instrument, and a loudspeaker of more than two hundred of loudspeakers … a dress for Lady Gaga.

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