Bottel-book "Basura"


Resignification of the book “Basura” of Ben Cark, published by Delirio editorial.
Intervention about a book in order to generate another book. It joins the the deposit of  “Intervened books” of Ana María Matute district library in Valdemoro. The call is open for diverse artists. Here we present the other intervened books.

“Waste”. A poetry book converted into messages inside bottles. Poems for the castaways in the era of internet and virtual navigation. We decided to divide the book by its parts, to stop in each of its pages, the parts that constitute it, to stop in each of its words.

To stop. To read. Random poems, in neat disarray. .In contrast  to the immediacy oftuitter, of the e-mail or the whatsapp, we suggest the indefinite time of the message in a bottle. No hurry or an specific destination: navigating between the shelves of a public library.