Caixa de Som (Music Box)

Object / Public Space
Madrid, Brasil
2013 - 2014
Sounds. Urban Spaces.

São Paulo 2013

Mexico D.F. 2014

Madrid 2014


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Caixa de Som is a public interactive installation for playing with the city street sounds.

Caixa de Som is a musical instrument for children under 99 years old, created to ease people interaction and interaction with the public space.

With Caixa de Som you can make music with street vendor chants and other sounds of the urban imaginary.

You don´t need previous music knowledge. Just select a base and play with the infinite possibilities!

Caixa de Som is also a project for documenting urban sound landscapes with -at the moment- sounds from Brasil, Mexico, Spain and Italy.


Sao Paolo


Mexico D.F.


Madrid, Spain


Feira MADE Pop Up. Shopping Cidade Jardim. Sao Paolo