Documentary "Roskilde TrashFestival 2013"

Roskilde, Denmark

A vision by Basurama and Lucía Egaña on the phenomenon “RoskildeFestival2013”, a 9 day long music festival with an attendance over 125.000 people.

Basurama participated with the installation “The Whirlpool of waste”, that invited everyone around to throw their garbage into the whirlpool. It was an ideal opportunity to document this large consumer phenomenon associated with mass culture.

  1. The coming
  2. The catapult
  3. The boring ones
  4. The poop
  5. The can pickers
  6. The seagulls
  7. The landfill









All videos made by Basurama, Lucía Egaña and Jacobo García Fouz (1/7).
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