A Less Consumerist Leisure


25 experimentos emocionales para testear la respuesta del paisaje a propuestas de ocio menos consumistas.

Los 25 vídeo emocionales se pueden ver aquí

Made during our stay at the Baladre artists residence, part of Lo Pati Art Center. Located in Balada, in the Ebro Delta, Tarragona . 22-28 July 2013.

On the occasion of the exhibition about landscape “Relat de belles coses falses” (Story of beautiful untrue things), we were invited to make a one-week residency at The Pati.

Thinking about how to dialogue with such a specific context,  so calm, controlled and topically “beautiful” as the Ebro Delta is, and how our leisure is the fundamental reason for the coastland consumption in many countries, we decided it was soon enough to ask the landscape and territory what it their opinion about it.

We dedicated our time to develop, along with Eva García Pérez, a series of actions in the landscape, and to devote all our emotions and five senses to collect their responses. Those were sometimes visual -fundamental sense to the traditional representation of landscape-, and sometimes with touch, hearing, taste or smell. Let the landscape itself tell us what does it think of low consumption! We always thought, and even talked in its behalf, that it will like it much better than the hyper consumerism needed to have a good entertainment today!

Special thanks to Blai Mesa, David Fernandez (Prudi), Anna Zaera and Zoraida Rosselló.