Ice Breaker

Oslo, Norway

Action developed for Antipodes Café in Oslo, Norway

In order to celebrate the bicentennial of “Instructions of the Year XIII“, the mandate brought by the representatives from the Oriental Province to the Assembly of the Year XIII of the United Provinces of the River Plate, that got together in 1813, Felipe Ridao, uruguayan artist migrated to Norway, proposed himself as the executor of the instructions that some friends send him over by mail.

We send him the instructions to make an ice semisphere, draw a map of the Arctic Ccean in the wall of their home- gallery and invite some friends over to “break the ice”. It was one of the first public actions happening in Antipodes Café, and norwegians are known to be cold. For both reasons, it seemed like a good idea in that time, try to break the ice. On those dates, Norway and Russia were signing a treaty to divide the uses and explotation of uses of the Arctic Ocean.

On April 3rd, from 20h., a few brave men and women drank the Arctic Ocean together with Vodka and Akvavit.