Two activities in Oslo, Norway

On wednesday April, 3rd we will be opening for the cycle “INSTRUCCIONES DEL AÑO XIII”, organized by Antipodes Café. We’ll drink the artic ocean with those who join!
Check all the info here

On thursday 4th we will be participating in the event OAF POP-UP: YOUNG SPANISH ARCHITECTS, held in the 0047 Gallery, organized by Gisle Nataas and the Norske Arkitekters Landsforbund.
We will speak about how crisis affected us, and together with La Col, Raons Públiques and Zuloark (business as usual with them, but different this time :)) as proposed by Ethel Barahona
Check al the info of the event in english here and in norwegian here

If you are in the area, please join us and contribute to the debate!

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