In Love We Trash in the World Design Capital 2014 Cape Town.

Basurama, in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in South Africa and Greatmore Studios, will be one of the last of World Design Capital project’s in the public arena of Cape Town this November.

In Love We Trash encompasses a public art project and its process of reflection on waste, consumption and public space. Together with empowered local communities and trained creators we aim to raise new collective points of view, reflection and research on the cities of today.

Several researches reveal that around 3.500 plastic particles per square kilometre exist along the South African coasts. The analyses made on 50 of the South African beaches show that plastic pollution has increased by 190% in the last five years. More than 90% of all articles found on these beaches were made out of plastic. Plastic is now found on practically all South African beaches

In Love We Trash embodies a better way to understand how to work with what is readily available around us, leftover materials or underused public spaces. Plastic waste can be a new and valuable category of resources; it is both a form of infrastructure and a source of information to understand consumer society.

In Love We Trash has thus far participated in over 10 countries across 4 continents, with the participation of over 40.000 citizens. Each intervention is specifically designed for the city in which it is located. For this occasion Basurama makes a special nod to the South African seas, keeping in mind The International Year of the Ocean.

Dates and Exhibition

. From 10 to 20 November workshop at Greatmore Studios. 

. 21 y 22 November Public Installation at Gardens Centre Mall and Company Gardens respectively.

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