Plasic Bang! Kok

Proposal for an urban intervention in Bangkok by Basurama.
14th – 28th November 2012 on the BACC forecourt, Bangkok. Thailand.

The plastic bag, a daily symbol of consumerism, will be the starting point of the project and the raw material to generate different artistic discourses. The interventions will highlight the existent duality of CONSUME / TRASH and its social and environmental impact.

According to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, more than 600,000 plastic bags are used in the city every day. Most of them will be eventually converted into waste in approximately 12 to 20 minutes. However, to be biodegraded a plastic bag could take between 15 to 1000 years.

Its annual disposal costs more than 600 million baht (18.5 million US$), according to Bangkok administration.

Be aware of these data and make them accessible and visible to citizens is essential to understand how people is related to consume, to their environment and the city in which they live.


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