RUS México. Make your own cart

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The objective of this project was to highlight the ecological, social and urban importance of the work that the informal trashpickers do. They are the ones showing the different elements that define the cycle of garbage in Mexico City. Our aim was to make visible the contrast between the carts that scavengers and street traders used for their daily work with the widespread use of private transport, which becomes the epitome of pollution air in the city.



Leftover Design in Seoul Design Festival

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South Korea is the 13th economy of the world, based in the manufacturing of electronic consumer products. Inside every cartboard box sent to foreign countries, there is an appliance packed in bright white styrofoam.

Korean design publisher ‘Design House’ invited basurama to Seoul Design Festival to drive an experimental design workshop with the most important korean packaging material, estirofoam, as raw material.

Workshop estrategy consisted in using the collected styrofoam in Seoul streets for all the design process. During four days, a group of korean and spanish designers explored different ways of reusing the material by making different graphic interventions, furniture construction and light design. As the group work evoluted, another target appeared: how to transform the workshop booth into a comfortable place so visitors of the festival could come into and feel the difference between the exhibition space and an interactive environment where playing and creating was possible.