Video installation. Visual comparation of products/waste flow in a supermarket and in a recycling facility.

Meet the trash pickers

Libby McDonald Wastepickers of Cambridge: Two sides, One story. Video installation that features the personal accounts of Cambridge trash pickers, highlighting the tensions that exist between the informal and formal sector. Video editor: Eril Flakoll


Plastic bottle caps are made of polypropylene and cannot be recycled. This is to serve as an informative display commenting on consumption and petroleum products in relationship to public health and the environment.

Spermola at Cambridge

Choose to reuse and Basurama Website to help the exchange of furniture and objects. This event will be linked to the Choose to Reuse event. A digital mapping program that allows real time tracking and “harvesting” of reusable items at a city scale. Wach the spanish version of the site at Collaborator:

Trash | Track

Tracking this sample offered unique insight into the otherwise invisible metabolism of the city. The project is an initial investigation into In this project, we attached 3000 tiny sensors to the same number of items of the waste a typical household produces: food containers, paper, furniture, cloth, or old electronics.


A project that measures the quantity of waste generated in MIT meetings. A simple calculator to evaluate take away packaging disposal impact.

You throw away almost everything you buy

Two stories of the same piece of plastic

_ Formal-informal trash path

On going research This project is on preparation and will not be displayed in the room spaces. Video installation: trash-tracking electronic devices. GPS devices will be used to monitor the paths of the informal and formal sector. This will result in a video that compares both systems: visually and through a digital map.