Step by step guide to picture 2 tons of waste

The MIT Media Lab “The Other Festival” and this activity were cancelled because of the Boston Marathon bombings.

More info and participants web page.

Updated April 8th 2013

We are working on the logistics for the Picturing 2 tons of waste installation. I’ve made an initial draft of how we want to proceed with the rearrangement of waste. The first approach is to classify waste by material (recyclables, food waste, wood, metal, etc). Then to organize waste by color and then use that separation to construct different data visualization. It’s yet unclear if we are going to be able to weight it, maybe measure volume and estimate weight? The data visualizations can be based on the numbers extracted from previous MIT or Cambridge audits.

Any feedback?

If you plan to attend the event to sort waste with us send an email to: boston [at]

Note: drawing made using the clip art gallery from inkscape . You can search for objects from the menu: File > Import from Open Clip Gallery.


See previous version of this step by step guide



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