First hunt for the exhibiton

A friend sent us this from craiglist:

Cambridge Community Television, a non-profit community television center, is moving to a new home and is giving away a gigantic pile of used and seriously dated broadcast equipment on Thursday morning in Central Square, Cambridge. This stuff is used, given away AS IS, with no warranty or promises. We will not answer questions about it, hold it, put it aside, answer the phone, respond to emails, etc. This stuff has to go!

You’ll find used satellite receivers, 3/4″ videotape players, time base correctors, CRT and NTSC monitors, 400 disc DVD carousels, rackmount hardware, painted stage backdrop panels, a reception desk, SVHS cassette decks, RS232 edit controllers, a fricken robotic arm, mouses, keyboards, cables, computer speakers, laptop bags. See all the photos below.

Some equipment works great, some equipment is utterly busted. First come first served.

It was what we needed to take some stuff for our exhibition. Although we arrived quite late, we were able to get 3 televisions. They told us that people were waiting 2 hours in advance to “fight” for the material. In the end that was all that was left (the people from a recycling bussiness in Dedham, MA came to pick it as scrap):


Here we are,  happy after our first hunt for the exhibition: 2 small TV and one big. We still need some DVD players.


Thanks Daniel Ibañez for the hint, and to the people of Cambridge Community Television for the televisions. We hope we will broadcast part of our exhibition with them!


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