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Saugus ash landfill map

Here is the result of the first flight with the kite over the Saugus ash landfill: You can check it on line and download the geo Tiff version-   Jeff Warren managed to stitch all the photos together. We have nearly all the surface of the landfill covered. Thanks to all the people that came […]

Creating the Saugus Ash landfill maps

We had a great time last Monday at the ash Saugus landfill, where all of Cambridge’s trash goes after being burnt in the nearside incinerator plant. Jeff did an amazing job organizing all the gear necessary and posting the two flights, the second of which was with an infrared camera, on MapMill.  We didn’t need to use […]

Landfill mapping with balloons

Image: Grassrootsmapping. Download the illustrated guides. We are organizing with Jeff (Grassrootmapping and PLOTS) and some people from Harvard GSD a visit to the landfill where the ashes of Cambridge waste is deposited. What is seems to be an old quarry: the Landfill Wheelabrator Saugus Inc. Ash Landfill. Cambridge’s Trash is burnt in the waste incinerator plant beside it. […]

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