Trash | Track

Senseable city lab, MIT

The project will show the results of the research of the ‘removal-chain’ in urban areas. Trash | Track builds on previous work of the SENSEable City Lab in its exploration of how the increasing deployment of sensors and mobile technologies radically transforms how we understand and describe cities.

In this project, we attached 3000 tiny sensors to the same number of items of the waste a typical household produces: food containers, paper, furniture, cloth, or old electronics. Tracking this sample offered unique insight into the otherwise invisible metabolism of the city. The project is an initial investigation into understanding the removal-chain in urban areas and it represents a type of change that is taking place in cities: a bottom-up approach to managing resources and promoting behavioral change through pervasive technologies.

Project Credits

Visualizations: Dietmar Offenhuber, E Roon Kang, Carnaven Chiu.

Project members: Carlo Ratti, Director; Assaf Biderman, Associate Director; Dietmar Offenhuber,
Team Leader; Eugenio Morello, Team Leader, Concept; Musstanser Tinauli, Team Leader, First Phase;
Kristian Kloeckl, Team Leader, Second Phase; Lewis Girod, Engineering; Armin Linke, Videography;
David Lee; Malima Wolf; Avid Boustani; Kevin Nattinger; E Roon Kang; Carnaven Chiu; Jennifer
Dunnam; Eugene Lee; Louis Sirota.

Advisors: Rex Britter; Stephen Miles; Tim Gutowski.

Supported by: Waste Management, Qualcomm, Sprint, Architectural League NY, Seattle Public
Library, the City of Seattle.


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