IN LO<3 WE TRASH Gdansk (any plastic lasts longer than eternal love)

Basurama collective financed by the Fundación Banco Santander, will develop the project IN LO<3 WE TRASH Gdansk (any plastic lasts longer than eternal love) is an innovative project in Re:Miasto festival a event that will combines research and technology concerning the 3R´s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and that will take place in Gdansk, Poland.

IN LO<3 WE TRASH is an artistic project to make the duality Consumption / Waste and its social and environmental impact visible. The objective is to raise awareness of waste production and provide a better understanding of waste as a resource.

Continuing the experience from Madrid, Bangkok, Casablanca and Sao Paulo between other cities IN LO<3 WE TRASH arrive to Gdansk where the results of our daily consumption (plastic bags) will be transformed into expandable artifacts that will generate an scenario that invites interactive participation. 

From 16th to 20th November we will be working in the collective and collaborative construction of those artifacts at LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art 2.

On the 21st we will move to Re:Miasto festival where the inflatables will come alive and actually live till the 23rd of November.

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This Is Not Detroit


From 10th to 12th October we will be in Bochum, Germany, rethinking along with artists and curators from different countries, about cities in decline.

The industry as a cathedral, the human scale, unemployment increase, a population identified with mass production which led to economic development and that will never come back… Dangerous topics to think about and propose in an enviroment mine infested close to exploit.

More information: DAS DETROIT PROJEKT
Place: Schauspielhaus, Bochum. Germany.
Dates: October 10-12,  2013


A Dress for Lady Gaga, a project. The idea was born after loading Raquel’s car with thousands of earphones assigned by Renfe (Spanish Railway Company) to carry out a reuse workshop coordinated by basurama ( reuse and entupunto ( If we think about a fashion icon, about new costumes, about the connection between headphones and music … Lady Gaga just seemed obvious.

The dress it is not only a dress, but a musical instrument, and a loudspeaker of more than two hundred of loudspeakers.

All the earphones used to weave the dress are single-use, non-recyclable and almost never reused. Their usable time does not exceed three hours, the time of a train ride from Madrid to Barcelona, for example. The price of each piece in the market is between 0.1 and 0.3 USD. A manufacture of this kind of product has  the ability to supply 1 million a month of earphones and the shipping time is of only 15 days to anywhere in the world.

Some details of the dress:

For making the dress we used 235 earphones, each of which measures extended 2.15 m, which means that the ball of headphones used measured 535.8 meters.

It took about 37 hours to weave (much more to design and actually knit it, as we have to make and unmake till it has been perfect).

The dress weighs 2,720 kg, is 78 cm long, 45 cm hip and corresponds to a size 36-38.

Our goal is that Lady Gaga get the dress, our ideal, that she wear it.


Promotional video:

twitter acount: @VestidoLadyGaga

Public waste audit at the MIT Media Lab Festival

We are preparing a public intervention for the MIT Media Lab Festival in Cambridge, MA, USA for this Friday April 20th. It will be all day long outside the Media Lab building.

The project is a public waste audit: to make it comprehensible and visually compelling. If you want more information check Trans Trash blog.

If you plan to participate, shoot us an email to boston[arroba]

Two activities in Oslo, Norway

On wednesday April, 3rd we will be opening for the cycle “INSTRUCCIONES DEL AÑO XIII”, organized by Antipodes Café. We’ll drink the artic ocean with those who join!
Check all the info here

On thursday 4th we will be participating in the event OAF POP-UP: YOUNG SPANISH ARCHITECTS, held in the 0047 Gallery, organized by Gisle Nataas and the Norske Arkitekters Landsforbund.
We will speak about how crisis affected us, and together with La Col, Raons Públiques and Zuloark (business as usual with them, but different this time :)) as proposed by Ethel Barahona
Check al the info of the event in english here and in norwegian here

If you are in the area, please join us and contribute to the debate!

Defining a framework for designing collectively with waste at Harvard

A talk about Basurama: a framework for designing collectively with waste at the Mahindra Center for the Humanities/Barker Center invited  Cultural Agents Initiative and Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.  More info.

When: Wednesday, April 3, 2013 – 6:00pm
Where:  Barker Center, Seminar Room 133, Harvard University. 12 Quincy Street, Cambridge. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Lost in London


From 7th to 12th of March we will be walking around London streets. We are looking for people, spaces, places, social research laboratories, universities, etc. to meet, share, hang out and, if lucky, share a European project we are developing.

If you know of interesting places to visit or people to meet, send us a twit to @ basurama under the hashtag # BinLondon will be very grateful.

Thank you very much!


Buy Me!

The 6th March we will participate in the MA Programme in Social Practice and the Creative Environment, Limerick School of Art & Design, Ireland.

From 10a.m to 6p.m. we will be talking, working, arguing, fighting and questioning with and against the MA students for Module 3 of the MA programme.

We will test their capacity to see the things in a different way: lateral thinking, participation, creativity, to sincronize local resource, …and a quite long etc!

If you are near by Limerick please: join us!

We promise it will be fun.

In Love We Trash (project for the Istanbul Design Biennial 2012)

Inflatable bubble monster made out of plastics discarded during the mounting of the  Istanbul 2012 Design Biennial.

Installation for the Istanbul Design Biennial 2012 at the Galata Greek School.

The Bubble was not actually designed, its shape came out of the plastics actually available at the biennial when we arrived and the courtyard provided to be exhibited.

It is inflatedonly using twodomestic fans.

The same techniques and materials used to package and wrap were used to build the bubble, allowing us to finish it in one day work and for only a 10€ cost.Taking care of waste is an act of love that transforms it into something desirable instead of deplorable.

Using waste for building the bubble was a way of proposing a new way of looking at the biennale. No one thought about the waste as waste, not paying attention to it when discarding, neither once collected to be used as building material.

The bubble was projected to be used as an urban intervention dispositif. We invite anyone explore this tecnhique, improve it and use it for that purpose or others. Is cheap, easy and very available, since  about 300 million plastic bags are discarded in Istanbul every year.

You can see a gallery with photos of the installation.