Back to school party


Time to go back to school, dear children. This is the new public equipment for your music lessons: a giant beat machine and a bunch of car part keyboards and light theremins. Soon in all the schools of the United States of America.

The loft space

Impresionist portrait of our working adventure in the loft space. Inside this space, time doesn´t exist, but there is a lot of space. We eat each 6 hours and drink each minute to fight the outstanding heat.


Night drive in Miami Beach

After neverending working days, we have sun under the moonlight. That´s in Miami Beach, the end of a 40 mile completely straight beach. Luxury cars and sun tuned skins in the only place of miami where people walk.



The origin of all.


Miami Trash Machine in Karma Car Wash

A place to clean your car body and soul. Second show of Miami Trash Machine. We find incredible cars full of chrome pieces and people waiting in the trendy bar while their car is being washed. One of the most amazing places to discover the love story between americans and their cars.


Miami Trash Machine: Churchill´s show

Ladies and gentlemen. After weeks of working and coming out directly from the best junkyards in the city of Miami, here it is: the Miami Trash Machine. The latest basurama creation which will travel around the city, transforming the junk spaces into play places.

The first show took place in Churchill´s pub parking lot.



We make a visit to a printer´s and they give us some funcy waste. Tobacco, ensurance companies, tatto shop and coffee brands advertisements.


Garage sale

Sunday. Time of garage sale next to the loft space.


RUS Miami Shows

We have the following confirmed shows:

Tuesday, August 5th:

20:00-24:00 Churchill´s Pub parking lot

5501 NE 2nd Ave. Miami

Wednesday, August 6th

18:00-21:00 Karma Car Wash

7010 Biscayne Blvd # 73. Miami

Saturday, August 9th

20:00- Opening. The loft space

3627 NE 1st Court. Miami

Sunday, August 10th

17:00-20:00- Jimbo´s.

Virginia key. Biscayne bay

Look into the meipi for map assistance

Bargain Stores

La basura es abundante en este país, sí. ¿Recuerdan las casas de empeño de cualquier pelí­cula americana? Al precio en el que está la gasolina y con el nivel de endeudamiento del pueblo americano, las Pawn Shops o casas de empeño son un lugar cada dia más frecuentado.

La venta de objetos en la puerta del garaje de casa o garage sale es una costumbre bien arraigada gracias a la cual las familias ajustan el superhabit de basura acumulada en los trasteros.

El ciudadano americano es un verdadero devoto de la acumulación de objetos, que al final termina compartiendo con sus conciudadanos. Por favor, llévese esto de mi trastero. Págueme lo que sea, pero lí­breme de este peso, amigo.